Member country: Costa Rica
Implementing Institution: Social Assistance Institute
Topics: Conditional Cash Transfers
Target population: Youth
Area of Influence: National
Project duration: Aug, 2006
Project status: Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation

General Objectives:

The main objective of the program is to promote school attendance among adolescents and youth between ages 12 and 21 who belong to families in extreme poverty. The aim is to give these young people the chance to have a better future and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.


A comparative analysis of results obtained between 2009 and 2011 shows that the percentage of people living in extreme poverty decreased by 27% in two years, while those living in poverty increased by 14%. This means that in 2011, many families transitioned from extreme poverty to poverty.

In other words, the conditional cash transfers put in place by IMAS, through AVANCEMOS, were effective both before and after participation in the program since they reduced poverty and improved living conditions of beneficiaries in the short term.

Additional Involvement:

  • Ministry of Public Education (MEP)
  • National Institute of Learning (INA)
  • Office of Family Allowances (DESAF) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS)
  • Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), and any other agency or body designated by the Directorate of Social Security