Member country: Colombia
Implementing Institution: Department of National Planning (DNP)
Topics: Funding for Social Programs
Target population: Children, Women, Youth, Adults, Elderly, Ethnic Groups
Area of Influence: National
Project duration: Jan, 2008 to Jun, 2009
Project status: Evaluation

General Objectives:

To design and implement an instrument for targeting potential beneficiaries of social programs (Registry of Potential Beneficiaries)


  • The latest version of the index (Sisbén III) was implemented in 2008 and included new variables related to health and vulnerability, which are considered standard-of-living indicators.
  • The new technology platform made it possible to increase database updates from three to five per year.
  • Sisbén III captures differences in living conditions across municipalities in greater detail. It is broken down as follows: 14 main cities, other urban, and rural areas.

Additional Involvement:

  • The DNP Social Development Office’s Suboffice of Social Promotion and Quality of Life.
    • Ministries and government agencies responsible for executing social programs.