Dimensions Magazine: Promoting Multidimensional Poverty Measures

WHAT IS DIMENSIONS MAGAZINE? Poverty is a phenomenon that goes far beyond income poverty and, as such, must be understood and measured in all its complexity. A group of countries has taken the initiative in this way of viewing poverty and has established the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN). Te MPPN is a network of countries and institutions focused on eliminating poverty through multidimensional poverty measures on the premise that: “what gets measured, gets done”. Dimensions magazine is MPPN’s new communications vehicle to share in a practical, concise and informative way, diferent countries’ experiences with multidimensional poverty measures. Dimensions shows, in plain language, the multiple forms of poverty and the ways multidimensional poverty is measured and analysed in diferent countries, their diferent experiences in the design of public policies to eradicate it, as well as reviews on new research studies on the subject. Dimensions is a tool to disseminate the work of the MPPN through articles, opinions, interviews and informative summaries, among others. Making MPPN’s work known, sharing experiences and showing how it has been done or what is being done is vital to provide support to a community concerned about not leaving anyone behind, with empirically sustained policies that help eliminate people’s many deprivations. Together with Dimensions, MPPN has launched a new website that includes a depository of information about the countries constituting the MPPN, with technical and public policy documents, links and short briefngs on those countries. How have the existing Multidimensional Poverty Indexes (MPIs) been developed? What institutional processes have been carried out? Which countries are applying the MPI? What are they using it for? Tese are some of the questions answered by Dimensions and MPPN’s new website.

Sabina Alkire, Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative.